Campus Crew Members!

Jan 03, 2018

With all of you spreading the LYM Mission all year long we are able to reach so many people and encourage them to help us in the fight against pediatric cancer! But why stop there?

Welcome to the 2018 Influencer Challenge! Where influencers with a large scale following can help your Crew spread the LYM Mission and help us change the world! Starting Wednesday, January 3rd at 1:00PM CT Crews can find influencers with 50,000+ followers to earn DOUBLE the Influencer Credits! Influencers for this challege must have over 50,000 followers and you should use the Influencer Contact Sheet to determine who you can no longer contact! All Challenge details can be found on the Influencer Challenge page on Crew Cave! 

Please tune in live on FB tonight or reach out to myself or your RM if you have additional questions! Cannot wait to see the impact you and your influencers will be able to make!

One Team, One Dream!
Tessa, Anne, Nettie & The Crew


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