Get ready for a month filled with blood, sweat, and tears...well hopefully not any blood, sweat, or tears, but amazing Crew Challenges and Love Your Melon March Mania! Similar to previous years, we will start the tournament with 1 Challenge for all Crews to participate in! From there Crews will go head to head in the bracket rounds until we are down to our final Champion! In addition to the traditional brackets, we will be bringing back the consolation brackets so an additional 5 Crews have a chance to win extra prizes from each Challenge even if they have already been knocked out of the tournament!

March Madness will begin 12AM CST Monday, March 5 - 11:59PM CST Sunday, April 9 with 8 total Challenges.
The Crews moving on in each bracket will be announced by 12:00PM CST the day after the Challenge ends! Specific Challenge rules & guidelines will be provided under each Challenge description! 


Consolation Rounds - If a Crew is knocked out of the overall bracket, they can still complete Challenges and win the Consolation prizes listed below each Challenge! Additionally, if a Crew in the tournament fails to submit their Challenge submission in the timeframe, a Consolation Crew could get a second chance and be brough back into the tournament!



TIMEFRAME: Monday, March 5th, 12:00AM- Thursday, March 8th, 11:59PM CT

CHALLENGE DESCRIPTION: In order to put smiles on kids faces all across the country we need to build up our Love Your Melon Family Contact List! Rather than competing with one another for who has the most amount of families, Crew members should work on finding families OUTSIDE of their universities city to help their fellow Crew Members!

PRIZE: The 128 Crews to participate will move on in the bracket and win Love Your Melon Flags! If more than 128 Crews submit a family name, we will pick the Crews that submit more than one family and then by those who submitted families first.

CHALLENGE RULES AND GUIDELINES: Crew Members should use the Finding a Family guide posted on Crew Cave and work with pediatric cancer (and all types of cancer) focused organizations to find new families for the Crew Program contact list. DO NOT REACH OUT TO HOSPITALS. For an RMHC, Crew Members can work with their Regional Manager’s to potentially reach out to Ronald McDonald House locations. Families should be new to the contact list but do not have to be an entirely new family.

If 128 Crews submit then everyone will move on, if more submit then the first 128 Crews to submit will move on!

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Crews should submit the family name and contact information to the Google form below. LYM will not reach out to the families more than needed and only for special occasions. Their private information will not be shared on the internet. 


CLICK HERE FOR FAMILIES WHO HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED - This is not editable. It is only to be used to see who has already been contacted!



TIMEFRAME: Friday, March 9, 12:00AM- Tuesday, March 13, 11:59PM CT

CHALLENGE DESCRIPTION:Every team has a pump up chant, cheer, or handshake to get themselves pumped up. Crews should create a slogan, motto, cheer, chant, or whatever it may be that their Crew will use to pump each other up as they prepare for these Challenges!

PRIZE: The 64 Crews with the most creative pump up will move on in the bracket and win LYM sillicone phone wallets!

CONSOLATION PRIZE: Up to 5 Crews will win LYM Beanie Keychains!

CHALLENGE RULES AND GUIDELINES: Crews may only submit 1 creative pump up message. This can be an image with words, a video, boomerang, etc. The cheer/pump up should be shared on their social media page and submitted through the Google form within the challenge timeframe. Crews should complete this Challenge within the Challenge timeframe. If their school is on spring break, they can record their chant prior to the Challenge but cannot submit and post on social media until the Challenge timeframe.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Crews should submit their file to the form below within the Challenge timeframe. 






TIMEFRAME: Wednesday, March 14th, 12:00AM- Sunday, March 18th, 11:59PM CT

CHALLENGE DESCRIPTION: All of our Crew Members are extremely valuable, but there is always a STAR Crew Member inspiring and pushing their Crews to be better and better. Crew Members should take this time to recognize their Most Valuable Crew Member from the 2017-2018 school year! 

PRIZE: The 32 Crews with the most creative nomination will move on in the bracket and win LYM athletic tanks!

CONSOLATION PRIZE: Up to 5 Crews will win LYM Laptop Decals!

CHALLENGE RULES AND GUIDELINES: There are no creative bounds as to how you want to express your gratitude for this Crew Member! Crews can record or create their shoutout before the timeframe, but they must have a Crew Member share on their Crew social media pages and submit the form below during the Challenge timeframe

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: If submitting a video to honor your Most Valuable Crew Member, it must be less than :45 seconds. If the video is over :45 seconds it is immediately disqualified. The winner will be chosen by the Crews who have the most creative way of sharing and highlighting their Crew Member! 









TIMEFRAME: Monday, March 19th, 12:00AM- Thursday, March 22nd, 11:59PM CT

CHALLENGE DESCRIPTION: Every town needs a hero and that's exactly what each of our Crews are, local heroes! Our Crews do such an amazing job of spreading the LYM mission and working in the pediatric cancer community, it's time for our Crews to get out and spread the positivity to other organizations in the area! Crews should find somewhere outside of LYM to volunteer during the Challenge timeframe but should rep LYM while they are there!

PRIZE: 16 Crews will move on in the tournament and win LYM Custom Cornhole Sets for their Crew!

CONSOLATION PRIZE: Up to 5 Crews will win LYM Pop Sockets!

CHALLENGE RULES AND GUIDELINES: The volunteer event must take place during the Challenge timeframe. If a Crews school is on spring break, they can volunteer prior to the Challenge but cannot submit the form until the Challenge timeframe. Volunteering can be as simple or large as the Crews see fit. Crews who volunteer outside of the cancer community and have a high level of participation from their Crew will move on! If needed, the judging may come down to the uniqueness of the volunteer event and effort needed to make it happen. Crews should post a photo from their volunteer session on their social media pages. 

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: A photo or photo collage from the volunteer event must be submitted for the Crew to receive Credit. Crews should also share their photo(s) from their volunteering event on their Crews social media pages and Crew Cave!





TIMEFRAME: Friday, March 23rd, 12:00AM- Tuesday, March 27th, 11:59PM CT

CHALLENGE DESCRIPTION: Crew Members may not be 3-pointer pros on the court, but each Crew Member is a pro at spreading the word about Love Your Melon ad the work we do for our Nonprofit partners! Crews should come up with 3 educational and important bullet points to share with their community to increase awareness about any of the following; Love Your Melon, pediatric cancer, our Nonprofit partners, or the Crew Program. Crews should find a creative way to share their 3 important facts with their local community. 

PRIZE: 8 Crews will move on in the tournament and win a LYM Giving Event!

CONSOLATION PRIZE: Up to 5 Crews will win a LYM Cap of their choosing! (Crew must decide on 1 cap from the LYM website)

CHALLENGE RULES AND GUIDELINES: The information being shared with the community must be accurate and up-to-date. Crews should reference the Love Your Melon website, hospital websites, our Nonprofit partners websites and/or other official and educational pediatric cancer sites. There are no creative limitations on how you want to share your 3 facts. Only 3 pieces of information can be shared. The type of Giving Event (Hospital Visit, Superhero Adventure, Pinky Swear) to be determined by Campus Crew Program Manager & Giving Events Director once Challenge ends.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Submit your 3 important facts to the link below in addition to a photo of your Crew Members in action, spreading awareness. Photo Collages are accepted. Crews must also share their photo/collage on at least 1 social media page. 



TIMEFRAME: Wednesday, March 28th, 12:00AM- Saturday, March 31st, 11:59PM CT

CHALLENGE DESCRIPTION:With Crews all across the US, we want to see each Crews school pride! Crews should get together for a photoshoot to show off their SCHOOL pride and how the Crew at their university is making a difference in the fight against pediatric cancer! Crews should use this time to show what their Crew brings to Love Your Melon! There are no creative bounds, but photos must be appropriate and shared on their Crew social media accounts.

PRIZE: The 4 Crews with the most fun and creative photo will win their choice of a LYM Cap or Regular Beanie!

CONSOLATION PRIZE: Up to 5 Crews will win a cuffed or regular Beanie of their choice! (The entire Crew must choose 1 beanie, no pom, no gold foil, no vegan faux leather patch)

CHALLENGE RULES AND GUIDELINES: Crews can get creative with their photos and should also shoot these photos before the Challenge timeframe. Photo will be judged on effort, creativity and strong representation of their school pride mixed in with LYM. Challenge photo/collage should be posted on at least 1 of the Crews social media pages.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES:Photo collages are accepted with a maximum of 4 photos in it. Crew submission must be submitted during the Challenge timeframe. 



TIMEFRAME: Sunday, April 1, 12:00AM- Wednesday, April 4, 11:59PM CT

CHALLENGE DESCRIPTION: With Superhero day right around the corner we want to make sure Crews have fun crafts and coloring pages to bring with them into the hospital or on Adventures! Crews should get creative and come up with a new craft that Crews can make during Giving Events, Superhero Adventures, etc. Crews will VOTE which 2 artistic pieces they like the best.

PRIZE: The 2 winning Crews will win athletic jackets + a gift card for Crew Bonding!

CONSOLATION PRIZE: Up to 5 Crews will win a restaurant gift card of their choosing for Crew Bonding!

CHALLENGE RULES AND GUIDELINES: Crew members will need to work together to create a new craft (i.e. coloring page, popsicle stick craft, etc) There will be a survey sent out on Crew Cave for the other Crews to vote. Former Crew Member, Caroline from ISU, has been an inspiration for this Challenge and can be contacted for help if making a coloring page crichardson0929@gmail.comChallenge photo/collage should be posted on at least 1 of the Crews social media pages.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Share a photo or photo collage of your craft or a jpg if you made a coloring sheet! Craft/coloring sheet should be posted on at least 1 of the Crews social media pages.




TIMEFRAME: Thursday, April 5th, 12:00AM- Sunday, April 8, 11:59PM CT

CHALLENGE DESCRIPTION: Every month Crews have the opportunity to host a Superhero Adventure. Sometimes planning an Adventure can be very stressful and other times the easiest thing you have ever done! For this final Challenge, Crews should come together to brainstorm the ultimate Superhero party for Superheroes in their city and put together a detailed presentation of their choosing of how they would make it happen with only $1,000! We want to see Crews think outside of the box and how they would create an amazing event for the Superheroes in their area!

PRIZE: The top Crew will win a sports Superhero Adventure for one of their local families which will be planned by LYM in the closest city to the Crew! LYM will create a rules & guidelines sheet that includes other ideas from Crew submissions for other Crews to use once the Challenge is complete! Crew Members can be a part of any pre/post game activities but LYM will plan the Sports Game Adventure for the family and a few Crew Members.

CONSOLATION PRIZE:Up to 5 Crews will win Bluetooth Speakers for their Crew!

CHALLENGE RULES AND GUIDELINES: Crews should get creative and determine how they could pull off the ultimate Superhero party with a set amount of money. The proposal should be relevant to their campus/cities surrounding them. There are no creative bounds, but ideas need to be realistic and well thought out! (No top tier celebrities attending, etc.) The presentation for their Superhero party should include any details that would be needed if the party were to actually happen! Contact information, vendor ideas and information, timelines, pricing, etc. Their presentation should be shared on Crew Cave and submitted to the form below.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Superhero Party proposal must be submitted to the form below within the Challenge timeframe. If for some reason something will not upload Crews can email the Campus Crew Program Manager at !